Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Today's Thought

Which is easier- Staying or leaving a church?

Leaving is definitely easier but staying is character building and who doesn't need more character!


At Mon Apr 24, 01:14:00 PM MDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was surfing the web - looking for a youth talk idea - because on Wednesday, I am announcing my resignation, effective at the end of next month. Anyway - I found your blog! We are being forced out - after two years - the pastor told me he didn't think I knew what I was doing (this is after a very favorable review 3 months prior). It's for the best - he and I never connected - it was never the team environment that I long for and thrive in. I don't want to cause any problems - so we are going to leave peacefully - I hope to enroll in school again. It's a little scary leaving a job with no place (for sure) to go - but I know God is faithful and He provide for us if we place our trust in Him.

At Sat Sep 13, 07:50:00 PM MDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I ask the same question often: which is easier- to stay or to leave. My husband has been at this job for just a year now. He loves the kids. He has connected to them but struggles with the rest of the community. He doesn't feel support and is still treated very much like an outsider. He hates the job and it is making him physically ill. We had a chance to leave once but because we purchased a home in the community we feel stuck. We can't put the house of for sale until we say we are leaving, but we can't say we are leaving until financially we are secure (ie the house is sold.) I just pray that my husband will find happiness and that our life and marriage will return to what it used to be. May you and your family find peace as well!

At Tue Jan 20, 11:54:00 AM MST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that both situation has strengths. We left our youth after 3 years 8 months ago and it was one of the hardest thing we have ever done. But staying in an unhealthy environment is hazardous. Unhealthy for your marriage and your walk with the Lord. God has you all under his beautiful wings. And you are going somewhere good. Its hard when you look back at some of those kids and they no longer look to you for guidance..but it's rewarding know that you have raised them to have strength and turn to God. Blessings to you both.

At Sun Sep 06, 03:13:00 AM MDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, my husband and I have wrestled with this question for years now. We have been at the same church for 7 1/2 years. He is the youth minister. I was the director of children's ministry for five years and just recently resigned. I am enjoying the freedom. I have been visiting other churches for almost a month now and my husband has arranged his youth schedule this semester so we can attend church as a family somewhere else on Sunday nights. My husband says he is fulfilled in his ministry with the youth, but I know he is not fully satisfied with the church. We want change but fear we will just end up in a worse situation. I think we're just waiting for God to hand us a perfect opportunity on a silver platter and we're not that willing to risk trading in a decent salary, health insurance, low mortgage payment, etc. Sad, but true. Being able to leave my job and the church (which I know is thanks to the security of the job I want my husband to leave) has brought some relief for now.

At Wed Mar 23, 09:05:00 AM MDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My husband and I are 20 and have been married for 1 year and have worked with the youth for 1 and a half. During our "honey" stage of marriage no one helped out or seemed to care. Yes we had the pastors support but it seemed like that might have been it. Well... reading all these comments, I just hope it won't always be like that, we have now moved to a different city and church and now looking forward to the new change I just pray this time it might be a different experience.

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